I hope everyone tuned in to The Best of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night! Some of the best moments from my appearances were featured in the show. In case you missed it, here it is.


  • gayle white says:

    Hi jeff!
    I am a licensed wildlife rehabilitator here in NC and love your sense of humor you add to animal education. I wanted to volunteer to work in Costa Rica at the Sloth Sanctuary but they are no longer doing this program Do you know of any other opportunities? Thanks.

  • gayle white says:

    And you are funny and ummmmm smart?

  • toni says:

    Love the show. You’re a great guy Jeff.

  • Josie says:

    Hi Jeff I love animals just like u!! I definitely want to be an animal expert just like u!! 🙂

  • judith Holloman says:

    Saw your appearance on Late Night on Friday. You and Fallon are hysterical together. You should be on once a month. You are sooooo funny!!!

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